Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Three Scroll Saw Basket Patterns

Here are a set of free scroll saw patterns for you to download . This book includes all three baskets. I've never had any luck selling these baskets because every time I make some my wife grabs them and gives them away. :) I think they would be good sellers but I guess I'll never find out.

This is an old set of patterns I made a couple years ago. I did not have much skill with Corel Draw then so the patterns are a little rough. I don't think this will keep you from making nice baskets from these patterns though.

One note, make sure you adjust the size of the handle cutouts to match the thickness of the wood you use.

Enjoy this book.

Free Scroll Saw Pattern Book

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mary needs help

Hey guys one of my readers has a problem with her Delta Model ss350 and needs some advise. Has anyone had the problem she describes below and have a solution.

My guess is either the Variable speed switch or the Control PWB. Anyone else care to comment?

Exploded view of the machine.

From Mary:

Hi Steve,

I was wondering if you or any of your readers know anything about malfunctions of a scrollsaw. Mine recently started running at high speed even though the dial is at low. It is an intermittent problem so I can be happily scrolling along when all of a sudden, it will burst into high speed - sometimes it lasts for a second or two and sometimes it gets stuck there so I have to turn off my machine and walk away, but when I come back, it's fine (for a while anyway).

My scrollsaw is a Delta and it's about 3 years old (and out of warranty). Could it possibly be a quick fix like changing the fuse?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Cool Dragon Clock

Here is another free scroll saw pattern for you all to download. This dragon clock requires a 1 7/16 clock insert. Use a 1 3/8 forstner bit to cut the hole for the clock.
You can find good buys on clock inserts from Clock Parts.

Clock Parts - The World Leader in Clock Parts

You cut'em I'll make'em

Free Scroll Saw Pattern

Free Scroll Saw Pattern.

Poker is popular today. Build this card box for your poker playing friends. This free scroll saw pattern is designed to hold poker sized playing cards.

These scrolled boxes are easy to make. Use contrasting wood for the top and bottom for a great looking box.

I love these small projects that I can use my scrap wood to make.

Have fun with this one.


Free Scroll Saw Pattern

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Clock Dial Pattern

A friend needed a clock dial pattern for a scroll saw project she was working on. I thought some of you might find it useful in one of your projects.

You might need to enlarge the dial on a copy machine to make it fit your pattern. There is a center reference hole to make drilling easier.

I will try to incorporate this into a full pattern later but for now use it as you wish.

You can purchase the inexpensive quartz movements from Clock Parts.

Clock Dial Link

Clock Parts - The World Leader in Clock Parts

Show pride in your work

In this Walmart economy we live in today the value of a hand made piece of craftsmanship is an almost forgotten concept.

I know many of you sell your pieces of work at craft shows and online. Let your customers know that you are proud of the craftsmanship you build into your scroll saw art.

A certificate of authenticity shows that you have pride in your work. Show them that you take your craft serious. Include a certificate with every purchase.

I have included a link to a certificate of authenticity that you can sign and number. Leave your customers with the idea that you value your workmanship and they will place a higher value on it also.

We need to differentiate our work from the mass produced work that can be purchased at Walmart for pennies. I have nothing against Walmart. I shop there sometimes myself. I just don't go there for hand made quality.

Certificate of Authenticity

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Glue, Sand, Beautify and Protect

I have been asked to talk about the process I use to finish my scroll saw projects. I'm no expert on finishing but I have come up with a process that I'm happy with.

This two part video series covers gluing, sanding, beautifying and protecting.

If you would like to share any tips you have on the finishing of scroll saw projects leave a comment for all to share.

Enjoy the videos.

Part One

Part Two

Check out Russells' Web Page.

Check out this scroll saw page written by Russell.


He did a great job on the bowl. That will be a good seller. He used my free scroll saw pattern and made it better.

Hop on over to his site and leave some comments on the nice projects he has created.

Keep up the good work Russell.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

3D Scroll Saw Cutting Jig

I built this jig for cutting 3D patterns with the scroll saw. I had been using clamps but they were a pain to use. If you would like to build your own jig I have included the material list and construction plans below.

The jig is very easy to build. You can buy the parts at Home Depot for a few dollars. The assembly only takes a few minutes and if you plan to cut 3D patterns I think you will be glad you have this jig.

You can resize the clamp to meet your 3d cutting needs.

3D Pattern Cutting Jig

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Big Scrolled Bowl from Paul

I received this email from Paul and wanted to share it with everyone. Paul enlarged the bowl pattern I posted. I think it looks great in the larger size.

Paul recently had eye surgery and is not suppose to be in the shop for a couple weeks. That's like asking my teenage daughter to stay home on a Saturday night. Just ain't gonna happen :)

From Paul:

Hi Steve:
I'm going to get killed, if not by my doctor, for sure by the wife.
I couldn't wait 2 weeks to try this
I still have to finish it as you can see.
For my first attempt and being 1/2 blind I think I did o.k. (lol)
A pop can and a can of spray paint beside the bowl for you to judge the size.
The top ring is 9" in diameter with and overall height of 7" -
The thickness of the wood is 9/16" so I'm sure 3/4" will do just fine.
When my eyes get better I will try 1/2" thick.
I think this is a nice size bowl/planter.
Thanks Steve
Talk to you later