Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bear Woods Sponsored Giveaway!!! $75 Gift Certificate. Viking Mask Scroll Saw Pattern.


Starting  10/21/2016 at midnight Eastern time. Ending 10/31/2016 midnight.

It is my pleasure to announce that Bear Woods is sponsoring a giveaway. If things go well this will be a monthly giveaway. The award is a $75 gift certificate to purchase any product at www.bearwood.com
If you do not read these instructions you may not be able to complete the entry.
 You can only enter once per giveaway. 
 The prize may vary from month to month.
The entry page has one contingency. You have to click the
"Click Here" button on the entry page. When you click that button the Bear Woods web page will open in a new window. Take a look around, set a bookmark if you like then exit back to the entry page and click "Continue". You can then and only then fill out the entry form.

The graphic for this Viking mask is from www.vectorportal.com. I did not alter it for a scroll saw pattern. I just added the backer board. Vectorportal allows commercial or personal use of their graphics.

I know some of you like these more edgy patterns and some hate them. For those that hate them remember I started a $75 giveaway and you might win. :) No hate mail please. Actually hate mail is okay if you send a donation with it.  
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