Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Home Sweet Home Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Sometimes simple is what we want. It can be nice to go out in the shop and cut a few easy gifts from scrap wood we have in the scrap box. This pattern won't take long to cut and you can use almost any wood you have available. Paint it, stain it, or leave it natural. Cut it from 1/2" or 3/4" thick wood.

Lessons learned and a good time in the process.

I found this video on YouTube and I think it shows one of the most important lessons when starting on the scroll saw. The name of the Channell is Newton Makes

I don't personally know Newton but judging from his videos he is a seasoned woodworker with considerable skills. Newton just purchased his first scroll saw and this is his first project. The important lesson he shows in this video is to have fun and learn as you go. 

In the video, he says he struggled with some of the cuts but actually, he did very well. Especially for a first project. The main thing is that he enjoyed learning a new skill.