Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wooden Bow Tie Scroll Saw Patterns.
Do you need a tie for church service this weekend? How about a wooden bow tie? There are several different patterns in this pattern book. The bow tie is cut from 1/4" Thick wood. There is a 1/8" thick backer board. You will need elastic, fabric to wrap around the center of the tie and Velcro for the clasp. Fold the fabric four or five time to make a thick one inch wide wrap. Wrap the fabric around the center of the tie with the elastic between the fabric and the tie. I used Aleen's tacky glue to secure the fabric and elastic to the bow tie. I had to let it dry for over an hour then it seemed pretty secure.
After I folded and glued the fabric around the tie and elastic I clamped it for an hour. I then cut then cut the fabric wrap to length and applied glue to the ends to keep it from fraying.   

Make sure you remember to finish the wood before you wrap the fabric. I forgot and made it difficult to finish. I did not have the finish applied in the pictures above. That's why it looks a little dull.
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