Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Rule Number One. Never Touch My Tools." Scroll saw pattern.
Every auto mechanic can relate to this plaque. Sharing tools never ends up working out. Make this plaque for your mechanic and I bet you see it hanging by his toolbox the next visit. :)

Signature Coins: For those special woodworking projects.

A signature coin is a small wooden circle that is laser engraved with your name. It is then embedded into a project. It's a nice professional way to sign your woodworking projects. Typically you embed them on the bottom or back of a project. Signature coins are perfect for furniture or any wood project that you would like to add a special touch to.

I am using 1 inch wooden circles. These are pre-cut so there are no burnt edges on the coins. I do a fairly deep engraving so you can do some light sanding if needed after you embed the coin. 
They are embedded using a 1 inch diameter fostner bit in a drill press. You can hand drill the hole but you have to be careful to keep the bit 90 degrees to the wood. 
You want the coin to sit flush or just slightly under the surface of the wood.

I am working on making this a product I sell. I'm still working out the details but right now I'm thinking I will sell sets of 12 signature coins. The price will be $12 plus $3 shipping. Shipped in the US only. 

I just wanted to get your feedback on this product before I start taking orders. Drop me an email if you have suggestions or comments.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns:
Several people are ordering the Basic ornament to make as gifts for families at church or just family friends. They are using the surname of the families. This is fine but some of the names can get pretty long and make cutting the ornament difficult for new scrollers. 

If you are interested in doing this, here is a sample download with a 9 letter surname. It will give you a pretty good idea of the difficulty. This sample with 9 letters is still easy to cut. Above this number of letter things start to get more challenging. The other ornaments have the same spacing so this applies to them also.

Bear Woods Pegas Scroll Saw Blade Giveaway:

Only two days left to enter the Bear Woods Pegas scroll saw blade giveaway. Three lucky winners will each receive six dozen Pegas scroll saw blades. That's probably enough to get you through the holiday season of scroll saw gift making. These are superior blades. Make sure you enter now so you have a chance to win.

Heritage Wood Specialties Free Shipping on orders over $100:

Folks, this really is a good deal. Free shipping on wood is not that common for online orders of wood. If you do not have a local source for scroll saw ready boards then take this opportunity to check out Heritage Wood Specialties. Good product, good service and good prices.
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