Monday, December 14, 2020

Hummingbird Initial Scroll Saw Patterns.

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All 26 letters inside an 8" hanging frame. All decorated with hummingbirds.

Running behind:

To everyone who is waiting on a reply to an email, the Christmas ornament pattern orders, or anything else I just want you to know that I am about two days behind. We had an unexpected death in the family and I needed to be with family. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hi Guys. Sue asked me if I would share this month's specials with my readers. I am always pleased to pass along what Sue has to offer. She has some assorted patterns available this month. There are still a few for Christmas. Check out the Large Nativity Tree. That is a very special pattern. 

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It is not too late to make decorations and gifts for Christmas! For the next 5 days, until December 17, there is a 20% discount available for every order placed. It applies to all patterns and tutorials - only the 'Special Offers' category is excluded. To qualify for the discount, enter DEC20 (case sensitive) in the voucher code area during checkout and click 'apply' once.

Six new patterns were added to Christmas>Sleighs & sleds

NW3868 Christmas sleigh #1 - 8" x 5.7" (203mm x 144mm) $5.00

NW3869 Christmas sleigh #2 - 8" x 5.7" (203mm x 144mm) $5.00

NW3870 Christmas sleigh #3 - 8" x 5.7" (203mm x 144mm) $5.00

NW3871 Christmas sleigh #4 - 8" x 5.7" (203mm x 144mm) $5.00

NW3872 Christmas sleigh #5 - 8" x 5.7" (203mm x 144mm) $5.00