Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Music Staff Clock Scroll Saw Pattern. Fidget Spinner update. New contest open.
If your child or grand child take music lessons. This could be a nice gift for their teacher. The pattern book has two sizes. The small clock is just over nine inches long. The large clock is over fifteen inches.

When you but you clock movement make sure you get the one for the thickness of wood you use. In the pattern I call for 1/2" thick wood for the small clock and 3/4" for the large one. 

You can find all the sizes you need at Bear Woods at this link. While you are buying the movement make sure you pick out the correct hands. The lengths for the hands are specified in the pattern.

I used a blue print out of a circle as a backer so the movement does not show through the fretwork. The color circles are included in the pattern and are optional. If you use them I suggest high quality photo paper for better durability.  
If you do not read the instructions below you will not be able to enter the giveaway.

The Bear Woods Sponsored $75 gift certificate giveaway is open now. This month you will be able to enter every day. I like to change things up and the way you enter this month is different. Two things you have to do to enter. Visit my blog and click the Gift Certificate in the upper left. When the contest entry page open you have to click the required link before you can enter. The link will take you to Bear Woods. After you visit the link you can close that page and place your entry.

I may not post instructions every day so remember to visit the blog every day and enter.

Before I get comments, I am making this harder because I want my more loyal followers to have a better shot of winning. Because many readers will not read these instructions you will have a better chance to win if you do. Click now and place your entry. Come on it's worth $75 in free stuff from a great online supplier. 
Small Fidget Spinner
I know many of you thought I had lost my marbles when I posted the pattern for the Fidget Spinner the other day. Remember when I told you they were hot. Well that video has almost 10,000 views in four days and the pattern has been downloaded more than any other this year.&