Thursday, November 15, 2018

Family Christmas Tree Scroll Saw Pattern. Plus a video Tutorial.

This is a rather crafty pattern. I think this will make a nice gift for mom or grandmom for Christmas. 
It is a Christmas tree with ornaments. There are different size ornaments so you can have up to ten ornaments on the tree.

There is a video below that will show you how to use a free program to turn your pictures into circles for the ornaments.  
If you do not want to use pictures you can simply write the names of the family member on the ornaments. 
If you are a bit more artistic you can paint the ornaments like the one in the upper right of the picture above. Just do a Google search for "Christmas Clipart" for paint ideas.
This is an example of a tree with ten ornaments. The pattern book has all the details.

This video will show you how to use Inkscape to turn your pictures into circles of the correct size to add to the ornaments. Inkscape is free and available for the PC and Mac. You can download Inkscape at

If you have basic computer skills you can do the technique in this tutorial. If you do not have the computer skills then show this video to someone in your family who does and ask them to make the pictures for you. Take a look at the video I I think you will see it's not too difficult.

Our First Snow of the Season:

It was more of a dusting than a snowfall but it reminded me to check out my Kerosene heater and get it prepped for the winter. It's also a good time to do a shop safety check-up. Spend a few minutes this week and look around the shop for obvious safety problems.

Check for all the standard problems. Fire hazards, tripping hazards, electrical hazards. chemical hazards and anything that might be a problem. You know the drill. It won't take long and you might save your shop/home/body from disaster. 

Don't forget the little things. Make sure all the blades you use are sharp. A dull blade is a dangerous blade. Clean or replace the filters in your air filter. Get your dust mask cleaned and working properly. Make sure you have hearing protection easily available. 

Every winter we see an uptick of fires in workshops. I know many of you use stoves or Kerosene heaters in the shop. Having proper ventilation is important. 

For a few years running, I would receive a picture from a reader of a burnt out shop. Fortunately, I have not received one over the last two years. I hope I never get another one. It's way easier to prevent a fire than to put one out. Please be careful. 

Every time I post a pattern on the blog I also post a picture of it on Pinterest. If you click the picture on Pinterest it will take you back to the original blog post. It's an easy way to go back and look at the older patterns. 

When you click the picture it will open that picture up on another page. Click it again and it will link back to the original post.

I have not added all the patterns from past years. It on;y goes back two years but it can be helpful

Bear Woods Sponsored Giveaway:

Entries are going strong for the Bear Woods Giveaway. We have over 3,000 entries with 16 days left to enter. If you have not entered yet them click the link below and maybe you will be the winner.

The 1st Winner will receive a $100 Bear Woods gift certificate.
The 2nd winner will receive a completed Charles Dearing artwork.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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