Monday, March 25, 2013

Wooden Bling Rings

Okay I am definitely not cool enough to wear these rings but maybe you are or know someone who is. The pattern book has a few different words for the rings. If you have more suggestions for words I can add them. I might add these to the Custom Pattern Store on the blog and take orders for names. Eight letters is about the max. There are ring patterns for size 5-13. The sizing might require some custom sanding.

The body of the ring is cut from 1/2" thick stock and the words are cut from 1/8" stock. The ring body is pretty easy to cut but the words are more of a challenge. They are pretty small. I used a #2/0 blade for the words. You might be able to cut them with a #1 but take your time. After the ring is finished make sure you sand it well so there are no sharp edges. I used a mop sander to know down the edges quickly. I finished them with spray acrylic to a gloss.

I know that these are not going to be everyone's taste but I would be interested to see if someone could get some orders on for these. They are kind of a Hip Hop style with the right words so maybe you can try that market. 
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