Sunday, December 17, 2017

Headphone Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.
Mr Cool headphone stand. Do you need a place to display your headphones? Let Mr Cool keep them ready on your desk. My Bose headphones are both wired and wireless so I used spindles to help hold the cable in place for when I need it. You can also use the spindles to store your wired earbuds.
I cut this project from 1" thick wood for both the head and the base. Two reasons. I wanted the weight to help keep the stand standing from being knocked over too easily. I also need the thickness to keep the headphones in place over the ears. 3/4" was just not thick enough.
I used 3 1/2" spindles from Bear Woods. I cut them in half
right above the knuckle. That made them just the right length.

Stephen over at Bear Woods is in the Christmas Spirit.
He wants to have three winners for this months giveaway. 
Each winner will receive their choice of