Wednesday, May 12, 2021

3D Scorpion Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Scorpion Parts.

This scorpion pattern comes in two sizes. The small pattern is 6" long and the large pattern makes a scorpion that is 12" long. That's a big bug! They are cut from 1/8" plywood for the small pattern and 1/4" for the large pattern.

Warning: The following material may cause bad dreams.
If you don't like creepy crawlies then you should stop reading here. 

Don't really stop. These are very interesting creatures. There are almost 2,000 scorpion species. Only 30 or 40 of those species have venom strong enough to be a serious danger to humans. The United States has only one scorpion species that is considered deadly to humans.

Scorpion Facts:

1. Scorpions predate dinosaurs.
2. Scorpions are not insects. They are arachnids, like spiders.
3. Scorpions give birth to live young.
4. Some baby scorpions stay with their mom for 2 years.
5. Some scorpions can go a year without food.

Here is an hour and a half video documentary about scorpions. Grab some popcorn and learn everything you ever wanted to know about these amazing survivors.

The Scorpion National Geographic Full Documentary Video 2020.