Wednesday, May 12, 2021

3D Scorpion Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Scorpion Parts.

This scorpion pattern comes in two sizes. The small pattern is 6" long and the large pattern makes a scorpion that is 12" long. That's a big bug! They are cut from 1/8" plywood for the small pattern and 1/4" for the large pattern.

Warning: The following material may cause bad dreams.
If you don't like creepy crawlies then you should stop reading here. 

Don't really stop. These are very interesting creatures. There are almost 2,000 scorpion species. Only 30 or 40 of those species have venom strong enough to be a serious danger to humans. The United States has only one scorpion species that is considered deadly to humans.

Scorpion Facts:

1. Scorpions predate dinosaurs.
2. Scorpions are not insects. They are arachnids, like spiders.
3. Scorpions give birth to live young.
4. Some baby scorpions stay with their mom for 2 years.
5. Some scorpions can go a year without food.

Here is an hour and a half video documentary about scorpions. Grab some popcorn and learn everything you ever wanted to know about these amazing survivors.

The Scorpion National Geographic Full Documentary Video 2020.

Why the dot in the middle of some circles on my patterns?  

A reader emailed me today and asked why some of my patterns have dots in the middle of some circles.
Those are alignment points. Those circles are normally to be drilled and not cut with the scroll saw.

When you see this dot it will normally have a size of the diameter of the hole next to it. That size indicates the size of the drill bit required. 

While we are on the topic of drill bits let me suggest you have a selection of brad point drill bits. A brad point drill bit is pictured above. It is named for the sharp brad at the tip of the bit. The brad point drill bit allows for much greater accuracy. Once you line the brad up with the center dot it is not likely to wander once you start drilling. 

The more common twist drill bit has a blunt end and is more suitable for drilling in metal. They can be used on wood, plastic, and concrete but are not as accurate as the brad-point for precision drilling in wood. The brad-point bit is not to be used on metal.

Twist Drill Bit

I do my best to prevent errors in my patterns.

I double and triple-check for errors while designing my patterns. Unfortunately, that is not always enough for me to see even the most obvious errors. My brain just looks right over the error sometimes. I try to correct the error as soon as possible. 

When you see an error it is very helpful if you email me to let me know. The sooner I hear about the error the quicker I can get it corrected. 

I apologize for the error in yesterday's pattern. The butterfly house had missing tabs on the back wall. I was able to correct the pattern pretty quickly because I started getting emails telling me about the mistake. 

My process is to send out a correction email with a link to the corrected pattern. I have to name the corrected pattern with a slightly different name to avoid browser cache download problems. I will also correct the original pattern link so future downloads get the correction. 

The moral of this story is that I do make mistakes. It is always a good idea to look over the complete pattern before you start cutting. I will do my best to prevent these mistakes but I'm sure they will continue to happen from time to time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
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Brad Point and Twist Drill Bit 100 Piece Set Includes Bits for Drilling Wood, Metal, Composite Material, and Plastics. Ideal for Professionals, Automotive, Metal Work and Woodworking 1/16" to 5/16"

  • We have all had those moments when we need just the right size bit. Of course we come to find that we don’t have the bit we are looking for. Worse yet, we don’t even have the right type of drill bit either! It always seems to work that way and sometimes we need to drill into metal and sometimes we need to drill into to wood.
  • While standard twist bits kind of sort of does both, having a brad point drill bit to drill into your wooden projects makes it so much easier and definitely more accurate.
  • This set includes 100 drill bits that are clearly indexed in fractional sizes. A total of 14 different diameter bits come with the set and they range in sizes as small as 1/16” all the way up to 5/16” in diameter. The first four sizes are twist bit only, while the remaining sizes come in both twist and brad point bit styles.
  • Generally twist bits are used for metal working projects since they have a “blunted” tip. This allows the bit to work its way into to harder materials. Brad point bits have a sharp pointed tip that provides the user with pin point accuracy when drilling into wood.
  • The point also prevents the bit from “walking” or sliding when in use. This is and invaluable trait to have for woodworkers. The set comes in a clearly indexed and durable metal case for easy transport. The lid is lined with foam to keep the bits from being damaged. The brad point drill bits are made from high quality carbon steel while the twist bits are made from high speed steel.