Friday, December 22, 2017

Grandmother's Heart Scroll Saw Pattern.
The special wall hanging is for all the grandmothers who make their grandchildren feel so special.

When I was just a few months old my mother had a terrible car accident. She was in the hospital for almost a year.(1957) I spent that year living with my grandmother. Of course I don't remember that event but I would spend every summer with grandmother until I was around ten years old. As you can imagine we were very close.

My grandmother grew up on a farm. She was expected to work very hard helping with the cooking and housekeeping. Of course the whole family helped out in the fields when it was time. When she married they moved to a small house in a very small one stop light town in Indiana. My grandfather passed away before my moms accident so he was not around when I went to live there.

Those summers are some of the best memories of my childhood. She was the kindest person I have ever known. She had limited means but was always there to take dinner to a family in need or hire a passing stranger who needed money. She would have them do chores around the outside of the house. There were church activities nearly every night. The pot luck dinner in the church basement was just about as good as food can get.

There were no other children my age near her house so she would drive me to the next closest town to play in the park. Most days we would spend outdoors in her large garden. She maintained a garden until she passed away at 82. We would often spend the evenings on the front porch snapping green beans. She canned vegetables every year to get her through the winter.  She was a terrific cook. 

I honestly can not remember ever hearing her complain about anything. I'm sure she had her moments but she never let me see anything but love. 

My home life was never too stable so those summers at my grandmother's house were where I felt safe and happy. I miss here very much.

The saying on this pattern hit home with me when I read it. I'm sure many of you have similar memor