Sunday, September 17, 2017

Scroll Saw Mini Clock. Male and Female.
As scroll sawyers me make a lot of items for other people. Well this pattern is just for you.

I have not designed a mini clock insert pattern for a long time now so it was time. You will need a 

Below you can see both patterns. I did modify the patterns after this picture was taken. I added the lower stretcher to the stool like the photo above. 

I used a 1 3/8" fostner bit to drill for the clock insert. The forstner bits allow you to get the hole the correct size the first time. You can cut the hole with the scroll saw but make sure you under cust and sand to fit. If you over cut the hole there is no easy way to fix it. 

The Bear Woods mini clocks have the rubber gasket for a tight fit. Some people do not like the rubber gasket inserts because they think they are difficult to install. The easiest way to install them that I have found is to use a small flat tip screwdriver. Start the insert slightly into the hole. Then use the screwdriver to push down on the rubber gasket from the side. Move around the insert slowly pushing until it is seated to the point you can't get the screwdriver in the gap. Then you can just push on the insert to finish seating it.


I changed the Peel an Stick Dispenser:

I found it inconvenient to have so much out-feed table on the Peel and Stick dispencer so I cut it shorter. There is only about an inch of out-feed table after the hold down. Now I just unroll a sheet and use the board as a guide to cut the Peel and Stick. I find this works much better.