Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Weed Pot Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This weed pot is six inches tall. The vase is cut from three layers of 1/2" thick wood. The flower ornamentation is 1/4" thick. 

One option is to use 3/4" thick wood for the center section. Use 1/4" thick wood for the front and back. This would allow a glass or plastic test tube to fit into the cutout. Now you can add water and use live plants.

This project is easy to cut. If you don't use the ornamentation then it becomes very easy to cut.


Artisan Pirate cuts one of my vase patterns.

Here is another video from Tyler. In this video he cuts the vase pattern I posted a few days ago. This vase is a slightly different style than the vase I posted in today's blog but still a relatively easy pattern to cut.

Tyler always gives good tips so take a few minutes to watch the video. You can download this pattern at the link below if you did not download it when it was first published.