Monday, December 31, 2018

Octagon Basket Scroll Saw Pattern.

This octagon basket requires several compound angle cuts. If you remember your trigonometry you will know that these angles will all be 22.5-degree cuts. This is a bit more advanced project than I usually design for the blog. I kept the fretwork simple so you can concentrate on cutting the angles.
You can make all the angle cuts before you do the interior fretwork.

Each angle cut needs to be made with the board orientated correctly. I show this orientation in the instructions. Pay close attention to those instructions or your basket will not assemble correctly. 

My saw has a digital angle gauge but you can use a small protractor behind the blade to set the angle to 22.5 if necessary. Get it as close to 22.5 as possible.

The bottom of each piece will also have the same 22.5-degree angle cut so it will sit flat on the base.
Notice that the walls tilt out away from the center. Keep this in mind and follow the cut instruction or your walls my tilt inward and that will not work. 

The next three pictures show how we clamp and glue and glue up all the angle joints with tape.

All eight pieces are facing down and tape applied to the intersections.

The assembly is flipped over and glue applied to the joints.

We then carefully roll the basket into its octagon shape and apply the final piece of tape. 

If you are new to the scroll saw, this project will present a few challenges but nothing that you can't handle. The biggest two challenges are cutting the angle cuts straight and the glue up.

If you do not cut the angle cuts straight then the joints won't make good contact and the glue up will be weak. After you make the angle cuts lightly sand each cut to make it flat. Don't sand away too much wood, just make it fit well with the piece beside it.

To make the glue up easier make sure you use a decent blue painters tape. You want to be able to slightly stretch the tape across the joint. This will give it some clamping pressure when folded together. If you use cheap tape it will lift and possibly come apart.  

You can also cut the project without any fretwork as practice if you are not comfortable with this type of project.  

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