Thursday, September 7, 2017

Angle Cut Plate Scroll Saw Pattern.

I used 1/2" Thick maple for this plate. You might call it a basket or a bowl. How ever you use it they are easy to make. The hardest part gluing the rings together without having glue squeeze out spots. Go very lite on the glue and wash squeeze out with a damp cloth immediately.  
The rings are cut with the table tilted. Depending on the thickness of the wood and the size of the blade your angle will be different. Do a series of test cuts in the same wood to determine the best angle. You want the pieces to fall out a little over half the thickness of the wood. 
Cut all the rings keeping all the parts in the original position.They may not fit if you end for end a ring. 
Apply small spots of glue while you extend each ring. Don't use more glue than is absolutely necessary. Just a few spots will do. Wipe up the squeeze out with a damp cloth. 


Yesterday's Pattern:

Yesterday I published a spiral basket pattern. I mentioned that I though it was a failed attempt. I wanted the pattern to show a spiral effect when assembled. I had a few emails telling me their thoughts on  why it failed. As it turned out I think I just assembled it wrong. I have not cut the pattern again but I simulated the assembly in my computer. Using the same pattern pieces I rotated each ring 5 degrees counter clockwise and got the result above. That's what I wanted. I just rotated the pieces too much. 


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