Monday, March 16, 2020

Bear Shop Sign Scroll Saw Pattern

Download Below

This Shop sign pattern comes in two sizes. It is a simple pattern that could be cut from Baltic birch plywood. 

Times are going to be tough for many small businesses:

There are not that many businesses out there that support our hobby. Many of them are already seeing a tough road ahead. This will pass but in the meantime, there will be struggles.  I just wanted to mention two of my advertisers. Bear Woods and Heritage Wood Specialties have both been with me for a few years. They have both supported our community and been trustworthy supplies of products.

I don't take cash payments from either company for advertising. I receive some of their products every month. That was my idea. I wanted to be able to see their product and receive their service so I could see how things were going. I wanted to know that they were treating you guys right.

It is very rare that I hear a complaint about either of these companies. That's because they both try to take care of their customers. Neither company is perfect but they make every effort to treat every customer with respect.

If you need any supplies then please consider these fine companies. Thanks for your support.

Keep the children busy:

There are millions of children home for an extended period of time now. Grandmas and grandpas are stepping up to help get the parents through this unusual time. They need more than television to keep them busy. What a great opportunity to get them involved in your hobby. That might mean just making them toys and games. It might mean letting them help assemble the projects and maybe even do some cutting. Whatever level they participate in they will remember their time with you. 

I went through the catalog and picked out some game and toy patterns that might be fun for you and the children. Just click the picture to download the pattern. These are all free patterns so make this as easy a time for the children as possible.