Friday, February 28, 2014

Resizing Scroll Saw Patterns. Watch the Video for details.

For those of you who would like to resize my patterns I have put together this video. It gives you two options for accomplishing this task. It is important to watch the video or the program below won't make much sense. The video shows how it is done in Adobe Reader print dialog and how to use RapidResizer Online to freely load and resize my patterns.

RapidResizer Online is a web site written by Patrick Roberts. He kindly allows my readers to use his service for free to resize the patterns from my collection. It only works for free with my patterns. You may find it valuable enough to purchase a yearly subscription that allows you to upload and resize any pattern.

The program download below is an interface I wrote to interface with RapidResizer Online. It allows you to open one of my patterns that you have downloaded and send it to RapidResizer Online for resizing and other tasks. Again if you don't watch the video this won't make much sense.
Click the image to download the RapidResizer Online Interface Program.
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