Thursday, October 15, 2020

Three Layer Church Christmas Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This pattern is not easy to cut accurately. A few of the interior cust are very small. The ornament is cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood. Wood that thick is more difficult to cut. When you combine both of these factors it adds some challenge.

I used a #1 scroll reverse blade. When you come to a turn such as around the brim of the hat or the branches of the tree, you can skip the turn. Just cut around the outside of the tree then go back and add the short angled cuts.

1. Cut around the side of the tree
2. Go back and cut into the tree branches from both angles to cut out the sharp turns.

All of the parts.

Glue the spacers between the layers.

My current scroll saw stool. 

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Disclaimer: I did not purchase this stool. It was provided to me by Bear Woods. The link is an affiliate link. This is not a paid advertisement. What I write are my own words. No one asked me to write a positive review. Most of my sponsors have figured out how stubborn I am so they don't even ask. :)

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