Friday, March 14, 2014

Free beautiful scroll saw pattern from Sheila Landry Designs.

Sheila Landry has posted another wonderful free sample pattern. She asked if I would pass it along to you all. As always I am more than happy to show Sheila's work. There is something very unique about Sheila's designs. Her patterns have a style and beauty that is often absent in fretwork art. If you want to cut a project for a gift then I would recommend Sheila's patterns over anyone else in our hobby.  

I challenge anyone to visit Sheila's web site and not get lost in time. Every page has pattern after pattern that stands out. Every time a new page loads you will see another pattern you want. I have known Sheila for a few years and I can tell you one more thing. She cares about her customers and the scroll saw community. 

Do me and the scroll saw community a favor. Visit Sheila Landry Designs right now and buy a pattern. We have to support designers like Sheila. She is a treasure that the community must protect. You can find patterns for under $5 and most of them are under $6. That's less than the cost of a movie and you are going to get way more entertainment value.

I just checked. It's the Lego Movie, 300 Rise of an empire or Need for Speed. No way are you going to enjoy any of those movies more than cutting one of Sheila's patterns. Let's make Sheila's weekend and see how many patterns we can buy. I'm going to buy one right now.

UPDATE: Here is the pattern I just bought from Sheila. My wife loves candles so this one will be for her. The checkout process was flawless. I paid with Paypal  but I had Visa, Mastercard and Discover options also.
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