Thursday, November 16, 2017

LED Art Scroll Saw Pattern. Email Delay.

Pattern Corrections:

I was "naughty" yesterday and spelled naughty wrong on the Santa pattern.
It has been corrected in the online catalog. You can also download it by clicking the picture to the left. Sorry for the problem.

If you try to download it again and get the incorrect version clear your browsers cache. 

This pattern book takes advantage of these inexpensive LED display bases. The links below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase each item.  Everything you need to make one is under $20 when you divide out the cost. Watch the video below to see the LED Base in action plus cutting tips.

I included a blank that you can import into Inkscape and design your own LED light art.

 Click to Order  Currently $11.99
Click to Order  Currently $11.95 for a set of 5
Click to Order Currently $13.75 for a 12" X 24" sheet

Video showing the LED base and construction.


Just a heads up that I am swamped with email right now. I am putting in several hours a day keeping up with the Personalized Christmas Ornaments and the Personalized Signature C