Saturday, January 21, 2017

Born To Rock Guitar Scroll Saw Pattern. Saving warped and cupped scroll saw ready boards.
Do you have a rock guitarist in you family? Make them a flying rock guitar.
Information: My Boards are warped.
I want to take a few sentences to talk about wood. When a tree is harvested for lumber it is full of moisture. Before the lumber is used it is either air or kiln dried. Kiln drying can take from hours to days. Air drying can take months. They take great pains to make sure the lumber dries evenly otherwise  they risk wood movement. Wood movement means cupping, twisting, checking etc. They lay the rough lumber on what they call stickers. Stickers are just spacers that separate the boards to allow air to move freely between each board. They only get the lumber down to a moisture content of something like 18% to 25%. When you get the board in your shop it still has moisture.

We can use these same techniques when we order scroll saw ready boards. These thin and wide boards have a nasty habit of cupping when we get them in our shop(picture below). As the board takes on or releases moisture more on one side than the other it can cup. That's what happened to the board in the first picture. I opened it in my shop and placed it on a flat surface. The moisture escaped faster on the top than the bottom and because of the structure of the grain it cupped. 
I could have possibly prevented this by stickering the boards like the picture below. This would have allowed the boards to dry evenly. 
Now let's say you have a cupped board. Can we make it flat again? The answer is often yes. We know that the board cupped because it dried quicker on one side. What would happen if we reversed that process. Hopefully it will cup back the other direction. Here is a trick to try. 
We need the cupped board and a flat surface. We need several water soaked paper towels. We need some heavy objects.
Apply the water soaked towels to the cupped side of the board. Edges curled up. Let the water soak in for a few minutes.&