Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lovebird Wall Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.
This wall clock is 7 seven inches in diameter. You can choose the thickness of the wood you use just be certain to buy the correct clock movement. I used 1/4" thick Walnut. This is a project that could easily be cut from Baltic birch plywood. The plywood could be painted a nice bright color. I also included an optional backer board pattern for the clock. This could be painted a different color from the clock.

I used the Bear Woods clock insert with the included wall hanger.
You get your choice of free hands with the clock movement. I chose the QH-801 2-3/4" hands. These are the black hands with the red second hand. Remember that you can spray paint the hands any color you like.


Information: Comfort Knobs

After I posted the video yesterday I had quite a few email asking about the Knurled Knob Accessory I showed on the Seyco scroll saw. This accessory is sold by a friend of mine down in Georgia(Marcus Bailey). Here are some details and the source for ordering them.

There are two sizes of knobs. I prefer the larger one but they have the small one if you like it better. The thumb screw has to be modified to fit the small knob. No modification for the large knob is required.

This accessory is designed around the DeWalt DW788 thumbscrew. In the image below you will see three different thumb screws that are on the market. (A) is the DeWalt thumb screw. Notice that it fist the large knob perfectly.

(B) is the thumb screw that comes with the Excalibur. It will not fit the comfort knob without considerable modification. The good news is that the DeWalt style thumb screw will fit the Excalibur and Seyco scroll saw. You could order replacement thumb screws from DeWalt and use them on the Excalibur or Seyco machines. The thumb screws wear out eventually so it's good to have spares on hand anyway. They are item 47 at this link. They are $11.08 a piece.

(C) is an thumb screw that is sometimes substituted for the DeWalt one by aftermarket sellers. I do not recommend this thumb screw and it does not fit the Comfort knob without modi