Monday, June 10, 2019

Three Layer Bird in a Leaf Scroll Saw Pattern.

Three 1/4" thick layers. The bird peaks through the cutout of the leaf. 8" X 8".

CorelDraw Tutorial: Layered Art Design.

When I posted the Layered music pattern yesterday I received several questions about how that style of pattern is designed. As many of you know I use CorelDraw for all my pattern design work. I put together a quick video tutorial showing how I make these patterns.

This is not a tutorial on how to use CorelDraw. I will brush over tools in the video. This is a tutorial of the technique for designing layered art in CorelDraw. You will need some experience with CorelDraw to duplicate what I do in the tutorial. If you have been thinking about learning CorelDraw this will show you the potential of the program. 

Below is a link to the pattern I create in the tutorial. If you are not interested in the tutorial but would like the pattern you can get it here.