Monday, November 1, 2010

WWII Fighter Plane Scroll Saw Pattern.

Okay all you WWII aviation buffs, don't beat me up too bad. I did not draw anything to scale and I just made a few things up. No Attempt at realism. This is a very easy project and could even be made by an older child or grand child with a little help. The toughest part is contouring the fuselage. You need to taper the back to thin out the tail. That is best done with a belt sander. There are more details on assembly in the pattern book.

You will need 3/4" stock for the fuselage. 1/4" stock for the wings, gear and propeller. You will need 1/4" dowel and 3/4" dowel for the nose cone and nose cone assembly.

This plane is not appropriate for young children. The small parts will break off.

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Nativity Pattern from three years ago.

I get so many requests for a nativity display this time of year that I always re-post this pattern just before Christmas. I think I originally posted this in 2007. It's easy enough to cut that even inexperienced scrollers should be able to give it a go with success. The most difficult part is mitering the roof and walls. You can do the miters on the saw or use a bench top sander.