Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Low Stool Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Warning: This is not a step stool.

I don't get out of the floor as easily as I used to. I wanted a low seat for when I am working in or close to the floor. When I designed this seat I was looking for strength and not fancy. It is just a shop seat.

The stool is 15" tall. The seat is 12" in diameter. It was cut on the scroll saw from 3/4" plywood. There are no hardware fasteners. Only glue.

The pieces are large but they can be cut on a 21" scroll saw with no problem. A 16" saw is going to be a little more tricky but I think it can be done. I did not test it on a 16" saw. 

I did use a router to round over the top of the seat. That just adds a little comfort. 

Each part is larger than a sheet of paper so the pattern is broken up over multiple pages. You will need to tape the pattern together to get the full pattern.