Saturday, January 28, 2017

Handcrafted Certificates. DIY Scroll Saw Accessory Video Tutorial.
This PDF has a Handcrafted Certificate for both a male and female scroll sawyers. When you sell your scroll work you should always include a certificate and business card. Treat your work as the handcrafted art it is. Your customers will appreciate the care you show for the piece of art. 

These certificates are 5.75" X 4.5" and are designed in black and white. I wanted them to be B/W so printing would be cheaper but still look nice. These look fine printed on regular copy paper. There is a signature line for you to sign your work. 

The certificates are two up on a page with a male and female page. Remember you only have to print the page you need from a PDF. No need to print the entire PDF to get what you need.

In the Tuesday January 24, 2017 post I started a secret word contest. There was a video posted and somewhere in that video a secret word was flashed on the screen. I want to show the rules again so you have one last chance to enter. Here is a link to that video. The deadline is this Sunday night. You can only enter once. Multiple entries will be deleted.

Secret Word Giveaway Details:
You have to be in the 48 contiguous United States to be eligible.

1. Watch the video and note the secret word flashed on the screen.