Friday, June 18, 2021

Grill Tool Holder Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Okay, I accept my beat down. There were many emails about yesterday's Grill King pattern not being inclusive of a Grill Queen pattern. I have been designing patterns for several years and you would think  I would have this figured out by now. 🙂 I had Father's Day in mind. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

INFORMATION: CNC and Laser Cutter users.

The number of new Scrollsaw Workshop members who are using my patterns with their CNC router or Laser cutter keeps growing. I continue to get a few emails a week asking me to make my patterns available in vector format. The vector format is compatible with digital machine software.

The good news is that I already do have the patterns available in vector format. When I create the PDF I make sure that the pattern pages remain vectors. This allows you to import the PDF into most CNC software. If your software will not import a PDF then you can use the free vector graphics program, Inkscape. Inkscape will import the PDF and export an SVG file that is compatible with almost all the software you will be using.

I posted a video a few years ago that will show the process of using Inkscape to import my patterns.

By the way. Inkscape will also allow you to edit the patterns for any use including the scroll saw.

I find Inkscape a little awkward because I am used to CorelDraw but Inkscape is free and CorelDraw is $500 so it is an easy choice for most people. 

Here is the video if you wish to see how the process works.