Thursday, February 28, 2019

Model Sailboat Scroll Saw Pattern.

Model Sail Boat. This is not designed as a toy. This is for decorative use only. I cut this sailboat from Baltic Birch plywood. I used 1/4" and 1/8" thicknesses. I also used dowel rods for the mast and the stand.

When you are assembling a model like this I recommend CA glue and spray activator. Some of the pieces are very small and clamping is not possible. The instant cure of the CA glue and activator eliminates the problem of clamping.  

I normall use the medium thickness CA glue. I seldom use the thick but the thin does come in handy sometimes.

The hull of the sailboat is made up of three layers of 1/4" BB ply. It is then contoured on a sander to get the correct shape. This is actually faster than using one thick piece of wood for the hull. The shape is already defined by the layers making it easier and faster to shape.

$3 Pattern Printer Update 17 Available:

Update 17 of the $3 PDF Catalog is now available.

If you have already purchased the $3 PDF Catalog then it is simple to update. If you are on a Windows PC then open the $3 PDF printer program and click the "Check for updates" link on the bottom of the program. (See image below).