Sunday, July 25, 2021

Noah's Ark Tray Puzzle Scroll Saw Pattern.


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Warning. I am not an expert on toy safety. I know that this puzzle has small parts. Please research toy safety for appropriate age groups for toys with small parts.
This Noah's Ark Puzzle comes in two sizes. The small puzzle is 10.25" wide. The large puzzle pattern is almost 15" wide.

It is best to stack cut the front and pack layer so the pieces are a match. Before you drill the interior holes cut the exterior of the puzzle and backer board.
Separate and remove the backer board. Keep the pattern on the puzzle board and drill the interior holes.
Cut the fingers holes and discard the waste. Not cut the animal shapes. Use a larger blade if you want a loose-fitting puzzle. This is usually easier for younger children.

Glue the backer board to the puzzle board. Sand all the edges well to round them over. 

I kept the puzzle natural with just a spray acrylic finish. You may want to consider painting. Just make sure it is a child-safe paint.