Friday, September 21, 2018

Dad's Garage Free Scroll Saw Pattern.

A simple sign for Dad's Garage. This sign is about 14 inches wide. 

How I modify the Bucket Boss Apron to fit me better:

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The other day I reviewed the shop apron that I use. I mentioned that I slightly modify the straps for a more comfortable fit. It's more comfortable for me. You may feel different so test it first. Many of you placed orders for the apron and a few asked how I modified the strap. Here is what I do. 
Out of the package, the apron had a center strap. For me, this is not comfortable. I am a big guy so depending on your size you may need to keep the strap. The front of the apron will ride a little lower when you remove this strap. The center strap helps pull the shoulder pads down in the back. If you remove the strap the shoulder pads ride more on your neck and less on your shoulder/ 

Even with these drawbacks, I like it better without the center strap.
I completely cut away the center strap. You don't have to do that just to test the fit. Just unclip the strap at the top and test it.  
You can see that I have the center strap removed. Notice that the neck st