Sunday, October 3, 2021

Christmas Door Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.

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In the simulated image above I am showing the door ornament with the backer boards painted red and the decoration painted white. Red ribbon is used to hang the ornament. This can be cut from 1/4" thick plywood.

Ornament Orders:
As of 2:30am all Personalized Christmas Ornament Pattern orders have been emailed out. If you do not have your order then it most likely has been blocked by a spam filter. Please check your spam folder. If you do not find the order, email me. Thanks for all the orders.

Sharing a woodworking shop with HVAC

My new shop is on the unfinished side of the basement. Because of this, I am sharing the space with the HVAC. When I bought the house I knew I would have to protect the HVAC from as much sawdust as possible. I have not started on that project but I will this week.

I received an email from a reader(Jimm G.) suggesting that I make a filter to cover the return air duct that is in the shop. I believe that is a good suggestion but I am looking for other suggestions from someone who is involved in heating and air and is also a woodworker. 
All the ductwork is sealed at the seams with a paint-on sealer. I bought a roll of aluminum tape to seal any missed spaces.

Here is the return air duct that I need to add a filter to. I bought filter material but I am wondering if it is possible to restrict too much air from entering the duct?

The installed HVAC filter is a MERV 11. I know it is not suggested to add too high of a MERV rated filter. I guess it makes the system work harder to keep up. Does anyone know if a MERV 13 filter would be a good tradeoff or is the MERV 11 okay?

I will also be adding more efficient dust collection at all the tools to grab the dust before it ever gets to the