Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to our Home Scroll Saw Pattern.

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. If you are traveling for the holiday remember to be safe and wear your seat belts.

If your plans include working in the shop this is a great time to look around and check for any safety problems.

Are all chemicals stored correctly?

Are there any oil soaked rags or other fire hazards that need attention?

Is your fire extinguisher handy and working?

If you have children in the home are all power tools locked to prevent accidental start-ups?

Make sure the floor has no power cords or other trip hazards.

Check your power cords, extension cords, wall outlets and other electrical devices for proper use and that they are in good condition.

Make sure all blades in your power tools are sharp. Check that all hand tools with cutting edges are sharp. Dull blades are much more dangerous than sharp blades.

Is your shop well ventilated when you use chemicals?

Do you have your dust mask and safety glasses handy so you will use them?

If you will spend an hour or two this weekend inspecting and cleaning your workshop you will have used your free time well. Injuries or fire loss are no fun. Most are preventable. Just do it.

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