Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Initial Plaques Scroll Saw Patterns.

Download Below

26 upper case initials, plus a plaque. This is a three-part pattern. You can also use the plaque without the letters for any other purpose. The opening is 6.5" diameter.

The backer board is ~10" tall. That makes an average size door ornament. If you print the pattern at 150% it is nearly 15" tall. That is a nice large door ornament.

If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as your default PDF viewer you can use the poster print feature. Most other standard print drivers do not have this option. 

Follow up on the King scroll saw service: 

This is a long blog entry. I think the excess words are worth getting this information out so please bear with me. Most of these issues are relevant to all scroll saw owners.

A couple days ago I ask for feedback from King scroll saw owners about their experience with service. I asked those questions because I had received an email from a reader who was having issues getting his two-month-old King 16" scroll saw repaired or replaced under warranty. I appreciate those of you who sent me feedback.

Yesterday I was contacted(email) by Peter Kennedy. Peter is the Vice President of King Canada Industrial division. He had been made aware of my blog post. He wanted to have a phone discussion to talk about the service policies they offer and also to help solve the problem my reader was having.

Today I had a long and pleasant phone conversation with Mr. Kennedy. Let me start by saying that Peter has contacted my reader and put a solution in motion to get his saw repaired or replaced. I have asked my reader to keep me in the loop but I feel confident there will be a positive outcome.