Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flower Fretwork and Watercolor Scroll Saw Pattern.

This is an 8" X 10" fretwork flower over a background of a watercolor image. I included the watercolor background to print out and apply to a backer board or frame behind the fretwork.

Yesterdays post included The pattern below. It had a error that I have now corrected. The center of the bow on the candy cane was a floater. The corrected pattern is now uploaded and you can get it in the online catalog. Sorry for the trouble.
Don't forget to order you Custom Name Christmas Ornament patterns. If you want to hand these out during Thanksgiving its time to get the patterns ordered. I also have the custom name wreath pattern available for order now.
 Every year I release an update DVD with all of the current years patterns. These updates add to the original DVD that had the patterns from 2007 to 2012. There are now a total of four DVD's. It is getting too expensive to get all the DVD's at once if you have not been upgrading every year. My plan is to do a roll-up DVD this December with all patterns from 2007 through 2016. Look for the new DVD sometime in December. 

Any of you looking to upgrade your scroll saw this Christmas let me recommend the new Jet scroll saw. I have had it in my shop a few weeks now and I love it. If you still have questions check out my comprehensive review at this link
I also highly recommend you consider purchasing from Ray over at
When you buy from Seyco you are buying from someone who knows scroll saws. Seyco specializes in scroll saws. It's not just another item in their catalog. I got my last two scroll saws from Ray and I will probably buy my next two from them.