Monday, May 6, 2019

1966 GTO Scroll Saw Pattern.

The Pontiac GTO was manufactured from 1964 thru 1974. The 1964 GTO is widely considered the first popular American muscle car(super car). General Motors was hesitant to let it's Pontiac division make the GTO because they thought their conservative customers would not like it. High ranking Pontica managers secretly developed the GTO and after showing GM a large number of dealer orders they relented. The GTO went on to be a great success for GM.  

Make it Perfect?

I talk to scrollers all the time who have never shown their work to anyone. Maybe they let their wife or husband take a look but that's as far as they go. I hear the same line over and over. "My projects are not good enough to show anyone.". 

Most of us are critical of our own work. If it is not perfect we think others will see the goofs and judge us. Let me explain something that