Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fretwork Display Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

This display stand is cut from 1/4" Baltic birch plywood and painted white. I normally don't like to paint my projects but in this case, I think it worked out okay. 

The top is eight inches in diameter so it's large enough to hold most indoor flower pots. Obviously, this project could be used as a display stand for other decorative objects.  

Bonus Pattern. Dowel Drilling Jig:

This is not a jig you will need often but when you do it is helpful to have. Holding dowels or even square stock on end to drill a hole, in the end, can be difficult. This jig simply helps hold the stock parallel to the drill bit. 

I was reminded of this jig by YouTuber, Stumpy Nubs. He recently produced a video showing this jig. You can see his demonstration of the jig at this link. Stumpy Nubs Video Link.

My version just adds additional sizes V's.

If your hole is intended to be in the center of the dowel then use a center finding guide to mark the center.