Thursday, January 26, 2023

Octo Basket Scroll Saw Pattern.

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With an estimated 650 interior cuts this pattern may seem a bit intimidating. I included four side wall patterns to choose from so you could pick an easier pattern. The easiest pattern only has about 70 interior cuts. Remember that stack cutting will greatly reduce the number of interior cuts. This pattern calls for 1/4" thick wood so you can pretty easily cut two or three at a time.

Danielle, from Wendell Woodworks, does a one-year follow-up review of the Pegas scroll saw.

Danielle has owned a few scroll saws. Last year she upgraded from a couple of entry-level scroll saws to the Pegas 21" scroll saw. She gave the saw a complete year of use and wanted to share her feedback after putting it through many projects.

Danielle is working as an influencer through Bear Woods. Here is her affiliate link to the Bear Woods page where you can purchase the Pegas scroll saw.

If you have been on the fence about upgrading from an entry-level scroll saw then this video may give you the confidence to pull the trigger.

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