Friday, March 21, 2008

Desktop Wallpaper

If anyone would like to have my Woodworker Guy desktop wallpaper, click the links below and let the wallpaper open. RIGHT CLICK the mouse on the picture and select SET AS WALLPAPER.

1024 x 768

Noah's Ark Puzzle Pattern

Several readers have emailed asking if the Noah's Ark pattern is available. The designer is Philip Lowndes from Great Britain. I emailed him to ask if the pattern was for sale. He said that if he got enough interest in it he would get his templates out and make a pattern. I don't want to post his email on the blog because of spam spiders so here is his website link. You can find his email address at the bottom of his main page.

Folks I have seen a bunch of scroll saw patterns in my life. This one is a seller. If you do craft shows you should email Philip and convince him to make this pattern available. Heck even if you just want to make an heirloom toy for a family member you should email him.

I guess you can tell I really like this pattern. To me it is special because it is unique. When you do craft shows you need something to make people want to walk into your booth. Even if this is out of their price range you have them interested. Then they might buy your ornaments or mini clocks etc. Just my two cents.