Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Big Scrolled Bowl from Paul

I received this email from Paul and wanted to share it with everyone. Paul enlarged the bowl pattern I posted. I think it looks great in the larger size.

Paul recently had eye surgery and is not suppose to be in the shop for a couple weeks. That's like asking my teenage daughter to stay home on a Saturday night. Just ain't gonna happen :)

From Paul:

Hi Steve:
I'm going to get killed, if not by my doctor, for sure by the wife.
I couldn't wait 2 weeks to try this
I still have to finish it as you can see.
For my first attempt and being 1/2 blind I think I did o.k. (lol)
A pop can and a can of spray paint beside the bowl for you to judge the size.
The top ring is 9" in diameter with and overall height of 7" -
The thickness of the wood is 9/16" so I'm sure 3/4" will do just fine.
When my eyes get better I will try 1/2" thick.
I think this is a nice size bowl/planter.
Thanks Steve
Talk to you later

Creating a Scroll Saw Box Pattern with Corel Draw

A few of you have emailed me and said you have purchased Corel Draw. I have not posted a Corel Draw tutorial in a while so it seems like a good time.

In this video I will show you how to use the interactive contour tool to make boxes of any shape that fit together perfectly.

I've said it before but I enjoy making patterns as much as cutting them. If you haven't tried to create a scroll saw pattern why not give it