Friday, October 7, 2022

Flower Initial Door Ornament Scroll Saw Patterns.

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This pattern has a set of flower initials. You can mix up the decorations using any of the three flower designs. The round backer is ten inches in diameter. 

I am receiving tons of emails asking about troubles entering the Bear Woods giveaway. I was not able to spend any time looking into the problems yet but I will as soon as possible. It looks like most of the issues were not being able to enter my influencer code. Thanks for trying to do that for me and I will see what is happening and let you know.


We are often given obstacles to deal with.

We are often given obstacles that prevent us from getting something that we want to have or do. It is inspiring to see someone with a serious obstacle also have the strength to overcome that obstacle and succeed when it is difficult.

I don't know the young man in this video but I get the sense that he does not even see the obstacle he has in front of him. He just jumps in and makes it happen. He completes a scroll saw project without the luxury of hands. 

Judging by the language in the description the young man is Indonesian but that is a guess.