Sunday, July 24, 2016

I finally have the Spider Scare Box plans complete.

A couple weeks ago I show you all a video of my Scare Box project. Unfortunately I did not have the plans ready then. Tonight I finished them and you can download below now.

I have to admit, I struggled with these plans. It's not the type of thing I usually design. The reason is that the scare box requires building the parts to fit for proper operation.  You will have to tinker with the measurements so the movement is fluid and proper.

The plans do have measured drawing at the end of the book but most of the book is build instructions and tips.

Watch the video so you know what is suppose to happen. Read through the book completely so you understand what the steps need to be. Test fit the assembly several time during the build before you glue something together before it operated correctly.

The plans make this project look way more difficult than it actually is to build. I'm sorry for that but I tried to make it comprehensive and understandable. Those two don't always go together. I tried.

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