Saturday, November 5, 2022

Package Delivery Driver Gift Card Holder Scroll Saw Pattern.

Driver Gift Card Holder 
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The LOGOs on these trucks are trademarked by the organizations they represent. Please do not consider selling these projects. They are intended as a way of saying thanks to the men and women who keep our economy moving and my business running. I order most of the supplies for my business from Amazon. I know these do not represent everyone who delivers our packages but these are the ones I see the most. 

We have a mail carrier woman who I enjoy seeing and talking with when she comes by. She is ornery and enjoys putting me in my place. She makes me feel right at home 😁. 
I also have an ongoing conversation with my Amazon driver. He thinks it's funny that Patty gets so many packages. 

The last few years have seen shopping online skyrocket. We have grown to depend on these folks so if you would like to tip them during the holidays these patterns may work. Just insert a gift card in the slot.

I intentionally made these a little large. I am comfortable enough to leave these on the porch and I wanted to make sure they were seen. I have a security camera there so I will know if the right person gets the gift. 

They are cut from 1/4" thick plywood with 1/8" thick plywood for the card pocket. You might consider painting the backer board the corporate color of the delivery service. Blue would work for USPS. UPS should be brown and Amazon would be orange. 

If the gift card is too loose in the pocket then a small wedge behind the card should help.