Monday, June 25, 2018

Decorative Weather Vane Welcome Sign.

This decorative weather vane welcome sign is ~14 inches wide. 

What species of lumber works well on the scroll saw?

I get this question all the time and it's both easy and difficult to answer. I have used dozens of species of wood on the scroll saw. I have used both domestic and exotic species. Here are a few thoughts on my experiences.

Almost any wood can be cut on the scroll saw. I have cut Ipe which is extremely hard and basswood that is extremely soft. I was able to cut both but I needed to adjust my saws speed, feed rate and blade to get good results. I would not want to cut two inches thick Ipe. The stuff is like cutting hardened steel. Likewise, it would be difficult to cut 1/8 inch basswood. It's so soft that control would be difficult.