Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Two Layer Sports Signs Scroll Saw Patterns

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 Download the Pattern Below

If you have a family member who enjoys any of these sports then they will enjoy this project. I know I left out many sports. If these patterns get a decent amount of download I will add more sports later.

These patterns are all around ten inches long. If you would like them bigger you can print them using the poster print feature of Adobe Acrobat DC. My patterns are all published as pdf files. If you use the standard pdf print software then you will have this option.

New browsers have built-in pdf printers that don't have the poster print feature. You have to use Adobe Acrobat DC to use this feature. Unfortunately, it takes some setup to get this to work in the browsers.

The red arrows point to the things you need to change to print the pattern on multiple sheets of paper. In the example below I have enlarged the pattern to 175%. It will print the pattern on four pages. After they print just line them up and tape them back together. 

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Should you spend the money to buy the manufacturer's scroll saw stand?

I'm not sure if I have ever spoken about manufacturer's stands before. When you buy most upper-end scroll saws you have the option to buy the stand that is made for that saw. They are often more expensive than a universal tool stand and much more expensive than just sitting the saw on your bench.

Let me just say upfront that I recommend the manufacturer's stands. The stands for Excalibur, Jet, DeWalt, Seyco, Delta, and Pegas are all quality accessories. When assembled correctly they absolutely reduce the amount of vibration. They also set the saw a range of heights that are comfortable for sitting and standing while you cut. This is not the case if you have to sit in a standard low chair or wheelchair.

Universal tool stands can be used if you prefer but remember that they are designed for multiple tool use. The height may or may not work. Make sure you buy a quality universal stand. Some of the very inexpensive stands will cause vibration.

Let me tell you a story about how important the stand is. I developed a slight vibration on my Pegas scroll saw. That was absolutely not normal so I started looking for the trouble. I went over the saw top to bottom and came up blank. It finally dawned on me to check the stand. Two nuts had vibrated loose on the sta