Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stickman Table Tennis Scroll Saw Pattern

I know what you are thinking. Not another Stickman! Yep, another Stickman pattern. This time the little guys are in a heated table tennis match.

As you can probably tell by now I am enjoying designing these guys. The fun part is getting the poses right.  I have received several suggestions for more of these patterns so you will see more soon. 

 Riku "Hand Saw" Ryoba

Riku was born in Japan and now lives and trains on a small island in the Pacific. Riku is widely considered the greatest table tennis player in the world today and maybe of all time. His serve is so fast that opponents often complain of hearing a sonic boom as the ball whizzes past their ear. Riku will turn 72 on his next birthday. When asked what he attributed his long career to, he gave this quote. "Respect your body, mind and soul. Eat a healthy diet. Don't over-indulge and by all means never play leap frog with a unicorn. Riku is a very wise man.

Steve "The Designer" Good

Steve recently retired from blogging and joined the World Table Tennis Association. He is a bit portly to be a stickman but the spandex bodysuit he wears during matches conceals his bulges and makes him more streamline. Steve is currently ranked 106th in the world. Unfortunately the WTTA only has 58 athletes in the association. Steve was asked by a sports reporter what his goal was for the current WTTA season. "I want to continue to improve my back hand and try to end the season ranked in the top 100". Sounds like a reasonable goal.