Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mini Hollow Vase Scroll Saw Pattern.

I have had a few people ask if the vases in my "Wooden Vases on the Scroll Saw" book were hard to make. This small wooden vase should give you a good idea of just what is involved in making the vases. You can download this one for free and try your hand at making one for yourself. This one is only four inches tall so you will be able to grab a couple scraps from the scrap box to build it. The technique is the same for the larger vases in the book. I kept the fretwork easy also so you can get a feel for the project without spending to much time on it.

Even though this one is small I think it is still a nice project that you could make for this summers craft shows. If you have the right sanding equipment you can knock these out pretty quick so I think you could make a profit from these. If you have to hand sand you might have a little too much time in the project for it to be a profit maker. They would make great gifts regardless of how you make them. 

The pattern book shows complete instructions but you will see that they are easy to make. Give this one a try and I think you will be hooked on this technique.
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