Sunday, February 3, 2019

Fretwork Display Shelf Scroll Saw Pattern.

The size of the shelf top is ten inches wide and seven and a half inches deep. You can also cut two of the brackets and use a long shelf to display more items. The shelf can be used to display any nice item but I designed it to display one of your prized scroll saw projects.  I think a nice fretwork clock would look good on this shelf.

I am a big fan of keyhole slots for hanging projects on the wall. The slots are strong enough to carry some weight. The board below is only 1/2" thick and the keyhole slots are still deep enough to hold some weight.  

I find that the keyhole bit is easiest to use if you have a router table. The fence makes it less likely for the bit to drift as you cut the slot. If you use the keyhole bit in a handheld router you need a jig to keep the bit traveling straight. I did the video below last year but if you missed it you may find some useful information about how I use keyhole bits.

If you try to use this jig for this project make sure you cut the keyholes before you cut the board too small to fit the jig.

Here is a decent keyhole bit that you can pick up on Amazon for under $15.