Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Horse Welcome Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

This is a simple welcome sign that I designed for a client. They are going to have it cut from steel but I thought some of you may find it useful also. It was designed to be much larger than in this pattern. You can resize it to any size that works for your purposes.

Remember that if you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader as your default PDF viewer that it has the Poster print function built in. This allows you to print the pattern larger over multiple sheets of paper. You will know that you have Adobe Acrobat as your default, viewer if you see this dialog when you hit print.

Unfortunately, the new web browsers have built-in PDF viewers that do not have this function. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free application at this link. Please remember that I cannot be responsible for any software you decide to install. Do so at your own risk. 

If you decide to install Adobe Acrobat Reader make sure you uncheck the extra McAfee additions before you hit install. You do not need these additions.


One site that I signed up for email updates is www.toymakingplans.com. I absolutely love the designs they come up with. They are true toy artists. This is not a paid ad I just love to get the word out on what they have to offer. 

When I saw today's ad for these stackable puzzles I thought I would share with any of you who don't get their emails. I think these are almost perfect toys for small children. They are fun and help the child with their motor skills. 

If you enjoy making toys do yourself a favor an