Saturday, June 30, 2018

Proud to be American Scroll Saw Pattern

Eight inch US flag plaque.

On July 4th, the United States of America will celebrate Independence Day. If you consider the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the birth of our nation we will turn 242 years young on that date. 

I am a proud citizen of the United States. I stand, remove my hat and place my hand over my heart when the flag is presented. I love the freedoms we are given by our constitution. I respect the checks and ballances our founding fathers set up for our government. I am proud of the innovations and advances our scientists have produced. I am proud to be American.

I am also proud that we can stand up and protest when we believe something is wrong. Lots of people are saying that we are more divided as a nation now than ever in our history. BS, we are united in our right to disagree. Disagreement without hate is an effective tool for change. Hate is the enemy of change. Don't let hate slip into the conversation or we all lose. Every nation, state, community, and person can do better, want better and be better. Let's be better on this 242nd birthday of our nation. 

Are we woodworkers? defines woodworking as follows.
1. The art of making things with wood.

I think that pretty much answers that question. Of course, scroll sawyers are woodworkers. This subject came up recently when I was speaking to a gentleman and the subject of tools came up. I ask him if he was a woodworker and he replied: "No I'm just a scroll sawyer.". 

I don't think he actually wanted to diminish his craft. I think he was afraid that I was a "woodworker" and would somehow look down on him when I found out he was a scroller. He was setting up a buffer so he did not have to defend his craft. 

Once I told him I was a scroll sawyer he let down his guard and we were able to talk without these stereotypes. 

Is there a difference between the skill required to build an 18th century Queen Anne style Highboy replica and a toy wooden car? Yes. Now, if you give that toy wooden car to a child cancer patient in the hospital do you feel any less pride in what you have accomplished? Nope.